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Plant Man Denver

Serving greater Denver, Colorado since 2001
Very competitive prices. No commercial job too small.
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Plant Containers

Ceramic Container
Ceramic Containers

We make things beautiful with plant containers.

Containers house the mechanism for keeping plants alive and healthy indoors.

Containers are acquired based on the look you want at price ranges you select.

Containers for plants come in many sizes and shapes, fabricated with all types of materials, including ceramic, plastic, stoneware and zinc. Self-watering containers are available on request.

Inside the container, a saucer holds water for the plant, foam positions and holds it secure, and moss dresses the base of the plant.

To protect your flooring or carpet, the container sits on a cork coaster.


For containers of exterior plants, see our Floral Displays page.

Plastic Container
Plastic Container

Wood Exterior Container
Wood Exterior Container